Go Green With Your Pet by Cutting Down On Harsh Chemicals

As a pet owner, you likely do everything you can to keep your furry friend healthy. However, there’s one thing you might be thinking about that could be harming your pet, the chemicals you use in your home. Using green products can reduce your pet’s exposure to those harsh chemicals and keep them from experiencing health problems like excessive salivation, vomiting and seizure.

avoiding harmful chemicals for your pet

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  • Avoid using bleach. Bleach is a good chemical for disinfecting items your pets aren’t exposed to like cutting boards and counter tops, but even a little bit of bleach can be very harmful to your pet.
  • Don’t buy cleaning products that contain formaldehyde. It surprises many people that store-bought cleaners often contain formaldehyde, but they do, and that can be very damaging to your pet’s health if it’s in the air.
  • Skip rug cleaners and carpet shampoos that contain perchlorethylene. Perchlorethylene is a chemical that’s common among cleaning products designed for stain removal. It’s especially important since most pets spend their time on the floor.

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